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Orphan Hosting Program

Orphan Host Programs:

Arriving in NYC for the first time!



Kids To Adopt, partnering with A Child’s Embrace, is in the process of putting together Hosting Program to provide orphan children with a cultural and educational experience.  This is a life changing trip for them as they have never been to the USA.
Here is some information about the program:


We are in the process of identifying children for our host group.  Please contact us if you would like to be on our list of host families.
UPDATE: We have about a hundred referrals for the host group! Many, many, many of them are boys, who would love to travel to the USA too! Most of the children are between the ages of 10 and 15.


In order to host, you must pass an FBI Clearance and Child Abuse check.  You must have an application on file with Kids To Adopt,  as we will be overseeing the program.  For more information on completing an application, please visit our How To Adopt page.  You do not have to adopt or be in the process of adopting in order to host a family!  The application/paperwork is required, however.

Please Note:  There may be specific requirements in your state such as being a licensed foster home or having a completed homestudy for you to be a host family.  Please check with your state or local child and family services department for specifics for your state.


Our target time frame is for the hosting program to run for at least two weeks in the summer.  However, the exact dates are unknown as of now.


Enjoying the USA!

We will be having escorts accompany the children from their home country to the USA.  Host parents must purchase tickets to and from the children’s USA arrival airport and pick up the children and drop them off back at the airport at end of the program.


We are seeking grants to alleviate the cost of this program.  We are estimating the costs to be approximately $3,500 per child.  It is possible to host more than one child, if parents wish. In addition to the host program fees, host families are responsible for all domestic travel and other costs for their host child while in the USA.

Single Parents:

If you are a single male or female, being a host advocate family is an option.


If you are unable to be a host family but would still like to help, you may send donations to the following address:
A Child’s Embrace
2012 Broadway St.
Vancouver, WA 98663