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Helping The Children

Anyone can Help the Children

There are many ways in which you can assist Kids To Adopt in placing orphan children with adoptive families and providing humanitarian assistance to orphanages to help children that cannot be adopted.

The international adoption process is time consuming and has many people working behind the scenes to locate available children, process paperwork, translate documents, travel to orphanages, meet with officials, schedule hearings, etc. There are also court costs, travel expenses, medical exams, and other paperwork costs involved in the adoption process. In order for a child to be adopted, someone must bear the financial burden of the cost associated with all the time and work necessary to make adoption happen. In most cases, the adoptive family must pay for all these expenses.

Special Needs Africa Adoption Program

We are happy to announce that A Child’s Embrace, a 501c3 organization, is helping Kids To Adopt fundraise to open a brand new Africa Program for special needs children!  Please help us get this much needed program up and running by making a contribution today.  All donations to A Child’s Embrace are tax deductible as allowed by law.  It’s easy, just Chip In!


Kids To Adopt and A Child’s Embrace work with a number of organizations and individuals that assist us in paying for some of these expenses through grants and/or donations to the adoptive family or the available child. While we work hard to help families to receive grants and get as many of our waiting children as possible qualified for grants, not every family or child will receive such help. Also, the assistance received rarely covers the entire cost of the adoption itself, let alone the travel and other paperwork costs involved.

While many children in orphanages around the world do eventually get adopted or go back to their families, most of the children are not so fortunate. Kids To Adopt helps to provide assistance to these children that are still in the orphanages by making monetary and in-kind donations to orphanages in the regions and countries in which we work. With the generous assistance of our donors and adoptive families, we have provided clothing, food, toys, school supplies, plates and cups, appliances, blankets, funds for building improvements, repairs and utilities and incidental items needed by several orphanages.

ADOPTION ASSISTANCE – Donations and Grants

Many families adopting a child internationally find that the costs are a financial strain on their family. A large number of the children we place have some type of special need, many of them are in need of immediate or long-term medical care that may add an additional financial burden on their adoptive family. You can help by making a monetary donation or grant available. Your donation can go towards a specific adoption or can go into a general fund to be used by Kids To Adopt to assist with the placement of a child we feel is in most need of a family. To help in this manner, please email


While we do as much as we can for the children that are left behind in the orphanages, it is never enough. We have helped many children, but we need to do more for them, and many others still wait for any assistance we can give. Monetary donations can be used to assist orphanages with their most immediate needs (clothing, food, school supplies, etc.) or used in ways to reduce future operating costs (building improvements and repairs) or assist caregivers in providing for the needs of the children (new appliances, supplies, additional gifts). To help in this manner, please email

HUMANITARIAN AID – In-Kind Donations

The orphanages need so many things that many families are able and willing to donate. Clothing, medical supplies and medications, toys, non-perishable or specialty food items and other things that are needed on a daily basis. While donations of these items are always appreciated and welcome, many items are not practical for us to ship overseas in a cost effective manner. Large items or smaller items in large quantities are difficult to carry and often times are costly to ship. Kids To Adopt does have contact with organizations that are better able to ship many of these types of items overseas and we are always happy to answer questions in what and how best to send items of these types. An alternative to sending physical items to us is to sell them at a garage sale, local consignment store, or local or internet auction. The funds generated from the sale can then be sent to us for use in providing assistance to the orphanages. To help in this manner, please email


There are many ways you can give to support our children. Donations made through A Child’s Embrace are tax deductible and directly benefit Kids To Adopt humanitarian programs. Here are a few easy ways to give…

Make a donation on PayPal. Fast, free, and secure, use your credit card, e-check or even your PayPal balance to donate cash. You can choose to have your donation go towards a Kids To Adopt Orphan Hosting Program, a child’s adoption, humanitarian aid, or a fund for future adoption grants.

Using MissionFish and eBay Giving Works, you can list items for auction on eBay and donate a portion of the sale price to A Child’s Embrace. Sellers donate from 10% to 100% (with a $10 minimum donation) from each eBay sale listed for your non-profit. It’s easy, fast, and fun and MissionFish takes care of collecting your donation, sending it to A Child’s Embrace, and sending you a donation receipt.

With nearly 650 different stores online, you can shop for just about anything on Up to 26% of your purchase is donated to A Child’s Embrace and Kids To Adopt to support hosting and humanitarian programs for orphans. Many stores give special offers or discounts and even free shipping! Don’t wait! Sign up today, choose A Child’s Embrace as your organization and shop, save, and give!