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Adoption Gifts

Looking for a special gift for an adoptive parent or your adopted child? Here are some links to some unique gifts.

Scrap and Tell

Adoption charms and jewlery

Adoption-Themed Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Many Hearts, One Beat

Born In Our Heart

Dream Kidz Life Books

Adoption Humor

You Know You’re Adopting When…

  • You keep an extra copy of your dossier in your car just in case the house burns down.
  • You stalk the mail person on a regular basis.
  • You feel more connected to other adoption bloggers than you do to some members of your extended family.
  • You’ve had more yard sales this year than you have had in your entire life.
  • You are now on a first name basis with the employees at USCIS.
  • You worry about, dream about, and are completely in love with a child you have never met.
  • Your heart skips a beat when the phone rings.You have given your Adoption Agency a special ringtone on your cell phone.