ATTENTION: Kids to Adopt has CLOSED effective Oct 31, 2013.

Financial Considerations

To help with the cost of adoption, Kids To Adopt has many resources for grants, financing, loans and information on other financial benefits for adoptive parents.  After you have completed your application we will be happy to discuss these options with you.

Some typical sources of financial help


International Adoption Grants

Kids to Adopt works with multiple grant funders to assist families with the costs of adoption. Grants generally are available on “special needs” children only and may require a family to apply and meet the qualifications of the grant funder. Some grants are assigned directly to a specific child and are available to any family for that child’s adoption. In addition, Kids to Adopt is willing to assist families adopting through our agency in applying for grants with other organizations. Grants are paid directly to Kids to Adopt by the grant funder and Kids to Adopt will apply those funds directly to the family’s adoption fees. In a case where grants received are greater than a family’s eligible adoption expenses, excess funds will either be returned to the grant funder or placed into the Kids to Adopt humanitarian aid or special needs adoption funds at the direction of the grant funder.

While we are happy to assist families in applying for grants, Kids to Adopt does not have any control over grant funding and can not guarantee that a family is eligible for a specific grant or will receive any grants to assist with their adoption costs.

Adoption Loans

There are many possible loan sources to look into. Many families are able to receive a home equity loan or line of credit to assist in paying for their adoption. Banks and credit unions offer various loan programs that may be appropriate for adoption expenses. If you have a 401k or other retirement program through your employer, that may be a good source for a loan. In most cases, the interest rates are reasonable and the interest paid may go directly into your retirement fund. You can also check into taking out a loan on life insurance policies or other financial instruments you own or have access to. Other sources include organizations that do specific adoption loans.

US Adoption Tax Credit

An income tax credit is available for families that pay United States income taxes. This is a direct dollar for dollar credit off your owed taxes. For tax year 2010 up to $13,170 of qualifying expenses can be carried over for up to five years. While this credit won’t assist most families with their up-front costs, many families have used this money to assist in paying off adoption loans. There are income limits and your adoption does have to meet certain criteria (most do!), so contact your tax professional or the Internal Revenue Service for additional information.