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The process of international adoption can be complicated and cumbersome.  Our resource list contains volumes of helpful information, forms, links and answers for you.   Please bookmark our site as you will need to refer to this information frequently during the adoption process.

Here are several links that may be helpful while you explore the possibility of adoption and also while you are in the midst of your adoption.

Adoption Resources

USCIS/Immigration – Information, forms and detailed instructions on the immigration process for your international adoption.

US Embassies – Worldwide – A comprehensive list of all US Embassies & Consulates throughout the world

Embassies & Consulates of the world – A list of absolutely every country’s embassy & consultates

Russian Consolates by US Region (state) – A map and list showing which US States are served by which Russian Consolate offices

Financing Options – Information on grants, loans, and other resources for funding adoptions.

Psychological Services – Psych services available through KTA.

Home Study Services – Kids To Adopt can prepare home studies for residents of Washington state.

Adoption Education – Resources for required education for adoption.

Apostille, Notary, Certified Copy –  State by state listing of Apostille offices in the USA.

Travel Tips – What to pack, bring, and travel info for various countries.

Fun Stuff – Adoption gifts, humor, etc.

Background Checks – How and where to get background checks for adoption.

International Adoption Doctors – A partial listing of doctors who specialize in interpreting adoption medical reports.

Common Medical Conditions – A listing of some conditions that may be found in international adoptions.


If there are other resources that would be helpful for your adoption process, please let us know! e-Suggestion