ATTENTION: Kids to Adopt has CLOSED effective Oct 31, 2013.

Burkina Faso Adoption Program

Program Status:  CLOSED

~ Burkina Faso is a Hague Program ~


Children from Burkina Faso have very dark skin, hair and eyes.  At the time of referral their ages range from infant to 15 years old.  They are tested for HIV, TB and Hepatitis C prior to referral.   The children we place come from orphanages.  Some may come from a private Christian orphanage in the capital city of Ouagadougou.  Kids to Adopt is happy to be working with the Burkinabe government and Fields of Grace Orphanage in Ouagadougou.  At this time, Burkina Faso does not allow for pre-selection of children for adoption. While we work with and help to support Fields of Grace, adoptive families should be aware that referrals of children are made by Burkina Faso officials and children may come from other facilities. A portion of your adoption fees do provide support for local children and the Fields of Grace Orphanage and other programs.


  • Age – Adoptive parents must be at least 15 years and no more than 43 years older than the child being adopted.
  • Marital Status –  Married couples only, must be married at least 5 years.
  • Religion –  for more info please contact KTA.
  • Health –  Parents should be in good physical and psychological health. All visitors to Burkina Faso are required to show proof of yellow fever vaccination upon entry. If you are concerned that you have a disability or are taking medication that could affect your adoption, please let us know.


  • Parents first send an application to Kids To Adopt.
  • Upon approval of application, Kids To Adopt will send an application (Family Book) to Burkina Faso for governmental pre-approval of the adoptive family.
  • Upon receipt of government approval, Kids To Adopt sends a contract to the adoptive family. Parents must sign the contract and send it back with the first payment.
  • Upon receipt of the signed contract, Kids To Adopt sends parents the Dossier Kit which includes instructions on compiling the documents required by Burkina Faso.
  • When parents have completed all of their paperwork, they send the completed dossier back to KTA. We proof your dossier, have it translated and then send it to the Burkina Faso embassy for legalization. After legalization your dossier is sent to Burkina Faso for final approval.
  • Adoptive parents will receive an official referral from the Burkina Faso Ministry of Social Welfare after final approval of their dossier.
  • Our coordinator and attorney in Burkina Faso complete the legal adoption process for the adoptive family. Families are not required to appear at the court hearing.
  • After finalization of the adoption, parents travel to Burkina Faso to bring their child home. Parents should expect this trip to be at least two weeks in length. We are  told there will be a 10-14 day visitation requirement prior to receiving the child’s visa.
  • Parents must submit post adoption reports 6 months after the adoption and then yearly until the child reaches her/his 18th birthday.

Please Note: Kids to Adopt recommends both adoptive parents travel to Burkina Faso to meet their child prior to the court hearing. U.S. immigration laws  require both adoptive parents to meet the child prior to court in order for the child to be issued an IR-3 visa to automatically receive U.S. citizenship upon entering the United States. Foreign adopted children who do not travel on an IR-3 visa are not immediate U.S. citizens and may not be eligible for certain local, state or federal benefits until their citizenship is petitioned and granted.

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