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Bulgaria Adoption Program

Program Status: CLOSED

-Bulgaria is a Hague Program –

Adoptable Children

Bulgarian children are very beautiful, many with chocolate brown eyes and dark curly hair.  Mostly they are Roma children with few Caucasian children available.  At the time of referral, children are usually 3 to 15 years of age (younger special needs children may be available).  The majority of the children being adopted have minor to moderate special needs.

Eligibility to Adopt

  • The Bulgaria adoption program is very flexible with few restrictions on age and family life.  They have one age restriction, however, and that is for the parents to be at least 15 years older than the child being adopted.
  • Bulgaria currently accepts married couples and single women and may work with single men in some cases.
  • Bulgaria has the least requirements for adoptive families and will often accept parents with disabilities.

The Adoption Process

The process and procedures for adopting from Bulgaria usually occurs as follows:
  • Obtain approval from the USCIS (Form I-800A).
  • After KTA receives a completed dossier from parents, we proof the dossier to the best of our abilities and send it to our coordinators.
  • Our coordinators proof the dossier, and if there are no problems, they send it to the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) in Bulgaria.
  • Once the MOJ receives your paperwork, they assign parents a number, and when your number comes up, they send you an official referral based on your preferences.  This process may take a year or longer, however, dossiers are not necessarily processed in the order they are received.
  • Parents may accept or reject the referral – they usually are given 2 weeks to decide if they wish to proceed with the referral at which time they move on to the next step. If you decline the referral, the MOJ continues to send you information on other children.
  • Once parents agreed to proceed, they may travel on their first trip to visit the child.  The trip may last approximately 7 days (mandatory 5 day visitation) and only one parent is required to go.
  • After the court date and waiting period have passed (usually 3-4 months from the first trip), the parents travel for their second trip and bring the child home.  This trip may last about 7 days.  In very special circumstances, an escort may be allowed to bring  your child home to you.
  • Parents must submit Post Adoption reports , as required by Bulgarian law at the time of their adoption.
NOTE:The estimated time it takes to complete a Bulgarian adoption is 12 to 36 months or longer, depending on a variety of factors.  Selecting a Waiting Child can reduce the processing time of adoption. If you select a Waiting Child, you only have SIX MONTHS to submit a completed dossier to the MOJ or you may lose your referral!Bulgaria Country Information