ATTENTION: Kids to Adopt has CLOSED effective Oct 31, 2013.

Belize Adoption Program

Program Status:  CLOSED

-Belize is a Hague Program-

Adoptable Children

Children from Belize are Caribbean/Hispanic with beautiful brown skin, hair and eyes.  The children available for adoption are individual school age (5+), sibling groups and special needs kids of all ages. Children are tested for HIV, TB and Hepatitis prior to referral.  The children we place come from orphanages in Belize and some may come from private Christian orphanages.


  • Adoption from Belize is governed by the Hague Adoption Convention. Therefore, to adopt from Belize you must first be found eligible to adopt by the U.S. Government.
  • At least one adoptive parent must be a minimum of 25 years old and at least 12 years older than the child.
  • Both married and single individuals can adopt in Belize. Single men cannot adopt female children.
  • There are no income requirements, but financial information in the Home Study will be considered.
  • Belize is open to parents with disabilities adopting.
  • Belizean adoptions are not final until 12 months after returning to the US with the child.
  • Two trips are required.


The process and procedures for adopting from Belize usually occurs as follows:

  • Obtain approval from USCIS (Form I-800A).
  • KTA reviews dossier for accuracy and submits to the Belize Human Services Department for consideration.  Once it has been approveded by the Belizean authorities, a child will be identified for (about a 6 month wait).
  • Parents travel to meet the child with the KTA attorney.  The first trip lasts 4-7 days.
  • Once the parents accept the referral, they apply to USCIS for provisional approval to adopt that particular child (Form I-800).
  • The case will go before the Belize Supreme Court and permanent custody will be granted.  Parents do not need to be present for court proceedings.
  • Two to three months after the court date, parents travel for approx. 5-7 days.
  • Parents pick up their child and then obtain an immigration visa for the child to return home with them.  For the next 12 months, your social worker is required to do four reports that will be presented to the Belizean authorities.  After this 12-month period, the final adoption decree is granted.

NOTE:  This is a newer program for KTA, so it is difficult to foresee a definitive timeline as there are many factors involved.  Parents can estimate the process to take at least 12 months after submission of the dossier.

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