ATTENTION: Kids to Adopt has CLOSED effective Oct 31, 2013.

Adoption Programs


international adoption programs russia ukraine bulgariaKids To Adopt places children from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Georgia, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso and Belize.  While we are thrilled to place any child with a loving family, we do consider the placement of children with special needs, older children and sibling groups a priority.

Our staff has assisted in placing hundreds of children over the last several years. A great number of these children have been classified as special needs.  If you have an interest in adopting a child with a particular medical or developmental condition, please contact us.  We would be very interested in assisting your family in adopting the child you desire.

Kids To Adopt also specializes in working with unique families such as parents with disabilities. If you have a unique situation, please contact us and we would be happy to talk to you about the possibility of adopting through one of our many international adoption programs.

NEW African programs in the works!!  We are currently working with a coordinator in Africa to put together a couple of brand new African adoption programs. If you would be interested in helping the orphaned children of Africa please visit our Helping The Children page.

Please click on the program you are interested in for more information:

belize adoption program, picture of belize flag

Belize Adoption Program

Children from Belize are a mixture of Caribbean, African, and Central American heritage. Many children have beautiful brown skin, hair and eyes.  The children available for adoption are individual school age kids (5 years and up), sibling groups and special needs kids of all ages. The children that we place may come from private or public orphanages throughout Belize. Children from Belize speak English!

>Belize Adoption Program

bulgaria adoption program, picture of bulgaria flag

Bulgaria Adoption Program

Bulgarian children are very beautiful, many with chocolate brown eyes and dark curly hair.  Most of the children available for international adoption are considered to be Roma. There are very few Caucasian children available.  At the time of referral, children are usually 3 to 15 years of age. Sometimes younger children with special needs are available for international adoption.

>Bulgaria Adoption Program

burkina foas adoption program, picture of burkina faso flag

Burkina Faso Adoption Program

Children from Burkina Faso have very dark skin, hair and eyes. At the time of referral, their ages range from one to 15 years. The children we place come from orphanages or foster care. There are many children with HIV who are in need of families. Burkina Faso has very strict requirements for adoptive parents.

>Burkina Faso Adoption Program

republic of georgia adoption program, picture of georgia flag

Georgia Adoption Program

The children available for adoption in Georgia range in age from 18 months to 15 years.  They are mainly Caucasian children, however, there may be Eurasian or Asian children available.  We place children from multiple regions in Georgia.

>Georgia Adoption Program

kazakhstan adoption program, picture of kazakhstan flag

Kazakhstan Adoption Program

Kazakhstan children vary in appearance. Most children are ethnic Kazakh, but there are also Caucasian and Eurasian children available for adoption.  At the time of referral children vary from 6 months to 15 years of age.

>Kazakhstan Adoption Program

kyrgyzstan adoption program, picture of kyrgyzstan flag

Kyrgyzstan Adoption Program

The children from Kyrgyzstan are mostly Asian and Eurasian.  Children referred usually range in age from one to 15 years. Kyrgyzstan is a small country therefore the number of children available for international adoption is limited compared to other programs.

>Kyrgyzstan Adoption Program

russia adoption program, picture of russia flag

Russia Adoption Program – CLOSED

Due to legislation passed by the Russian government in Dec 2012, all adoptions of Russian orphans to U.S. Citizens has been halted as of Jan 1, 2013.

The children we place from Russia usually range in age from 12 months to 15 years.  Many of the children are Caucasian, yet there are a few of Asian and Eurasian descent.  The children that we place come from orphanages. Russia is by far our most popular program. Our coordinators work in many regions throughout the country.

>Russia Adoption Program

ukraine adoption program, picture of ukraine flag

Ukraine Adoption Program

Ukrainian children are mostly Caucasian. Healthy children ages 5 to 15 are available for international adoption. Younger children with special needs may be available. There is a need for families who will consider adopting sibling groups and teenagers.

>Ukraine Adoption Program