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Frequently Asked Questions about Adoption


What is the process for selecting a child to adopt?

There are a couple of different ways that you can select the right child for your family.  Kids To Adopt has many waiting children from Eastern Europe, some of these children are considered to have special needs due to the information on their medical reports and some are just considered more difficult to place due to their age.  We also have waiting sibling groups.  Many of our waiting children have reduced international fees.
Families can also request a referral from our Eastern European programs that matches the type of child they are hoping to adopt.  These children can be special needs or non-special needs.

Our Bulgarian program requires that families submit a request to adopt with a description of the child they would like to adopt.  Referrals are selected based on the information of these requests.  Bulgaria, however, does not pre-identify waiting children.

If I decide that I would like to adopt a waiting child, how do I put that child on hold?

In order to place a child on hold, Kids To Adopt requires that you have on file a completed application, which includes the payment of the application fee.  Kids To Adopt’s policy allows you seven days after putting a child on hold to turn in an application, giving you ample time to review the child’s medical information and make an informed decision.

If you decide to move forward with this child’s adoption, you will receive an adoption contract.  If you decide NOT to move forward with the adoption, Kids To Adopt will work with you to decide which program is the best fit for your family.

What do I do if I want to request a referral to be chosen specifically for my family?

For our Eastern European programs, we need to have a completed dossier which is then submitted to the country.  This requires that the family send in their application, application fee, sign a contract with Kids To Adopt, and pay the portion of the fees that cover dossier preparation and processing.
Our Bulgarian program requires all paperwork to be complete and submitted before referrals are sent.  For more information, visit our Bulgaria program page.

What happens after I accept a referral?

If you accept a referral of a waiting child, Kids To Adopt will send you an adoption contract, which includes the fee and deposit schedule, which is scheduled specific to your adoption.  You will have a specified amount of time to return the contract with the initial payment due to our office. If you accept a referral of a child that was requested specifically for your family, you will receive a fee and deposit schedule that applies to the adoption of that child and at that time, an additional installment of the program fee and a portion of the international fee will be due to Kids To Adopt.

Do I have to pay all the fees at once?

Kids To Adopt does not ask for all the fees up front.  The fees are usually divided into four payments.  This allows families to spread out the cost of their adoption.  We feel that often it is a hardship on families to require all of the money up front.  Therefore, we have chosen to collect the fees while the work for the adoption is being completed.

How long does the adoption process take?

The length of time from application submission to bringing your child home varies from program to program.  Our Adoption Counselors can give you a rough idea when you are ready to proceed, however, there are a number of factors that could affect the time frame of the adoption, such as changes in foreign governmental regulations, court requirements, holidays and document expiration dates.  KTA staff will communicate with you throughout the process of your specific case.

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