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Home Study Services

Kids To Adopt is licensed to prepare domestic and international adoption home study reports in the State of Washington.  The home study is the most important document needed for your adoption process. This document is what social workers and judges use to determine if your family is an appropriate match to adopt a particular child or sibling group.  When you are adopting internationally, your home study is the introduction of your family to the foreign adoption officials.  First impressions are very important.  A well written, positively worded home study may reduce the number of additional documents that the adoption officials request.  It is crucial to find an agency that you are comfortable working with, understands your needs and is supportive of your desire to adopt.  Kids To Adopt would be happy to talk with you about our home study services.

What is a home study?

Before you select your agency, consider asking the following questions:

Questions to Ask When Selecting a 

Home Study Agency / Social Worker

1. What has been your experience with International Adoption?

2. How many interviews and/or home visits are required as part of the home study process?

3. Are there any books or articles that you recommend I/we read during the adoption process?

4. Have you done other home studies or International Adoption?  How many?

5. Will I be required to write an autobiography or to complete an adoption workbook?

6. On average, how long will the home study process from start to finish?

7. After the interviews have been completed and the necessary paperwork has been assembled, how long does it generally take you to complete a written report/homestudy?

8. What sort of resources do you provide for post-placement/post-adoption support?

9. Are you willing to discuss the format and content of the home study with a placement agency and work with them to write up the home study in a format that is both truthful and acceptable in the foreign country?

10. Why should we use you as a homestudy agent/agency?

11. Do you have references for past families who have used your services to adopt internationally?

12. Do you charge additional fees for dossier related paperwork that my agency may require?

13. Do you charge additional fees if you need to re-do paperwork that was completed incorrectly?

14. Is there anything I should know when adopting:  special needs children, older children, unrelated children, sibling groups, and/or out of birth order with my family?